New Beginnings

The New Beginnings house, formerly the GLU Factory  is, in their own words-

"a system for helping men and women successfully re-integrate from a previous life back into the community and their family. We operate a Transitional Living Center as a Not for Profit entity in order to help us accomplish this goal."

Trinity has taken on the ministry of helping men at the  New Beginnings/GLU Factory to become readjusted to life and to develop personally as well as spiritually. Trinity has helped to provide some physical needs for the men, as well as conducting a mentoring program providing individual guidance.

Testimony from T J



Below is a slide presentation of some former GLU Factory residents.

Music is "Flawless" by Mercy Me




We are holding a place for you here at Trinity, among us, and invite you to be part of this community of faith! 

Come join us for worship, fellowship and fun!