The Health Hut is Home in Kapsbet, Kenya!

This is a slide show of the project, along with "Go Light Your World" by Kathy Trocceli






Health Hut Mission Project

The Hut is on it's way!! 

In January, 2016 the Health Hut mission project was born, and after several months of hard work by many people, and hours of prayer, and scores of emails and phone calls, the Hut is now completed!  This has been a tremendously rewarding experience for the members and friends of TUMC, as we watched God shepherd the project from the embryo of an idea, through finding a very needful place to be used, through the construction phase and a frustrating time of waiting for authorization to ship the container.  Once in place it will serve a needy population with a sanitary place to receive healthcare and dental work while a permanent clinic is built.  Later the Hut will be relocated to another area not far away to serve a different group of residents.  Reverend Kirwa Maritim and his wife will be running the clinic on site near Kapsabet, Kenya.

Below are some pictures of the Hut in various stages of construction.










 The Hut was inspected, after weeks of documentation, then sealed, and finally loaded and sent by truck to the port of Houston on October 5!



It is riding onboard the Maersk Kinloss,  which we spotted on webcam going through New York harbor on October 22!


Travel schedule for the Health Hut: (on the Maersk Kinloss)

Houston-   Oct 7

Savannah-   Oct 19

Newark (New York)-   Oct 22

Algeciras, Spain-   Nov 1

Port Said, Egypt-   Nov 7

Suez Canal-   Nov 8

Djibouti-   Nov 12

Salalah, Oman-   Nov 16   (transfer to the ship Uni Florida )

Mombasa, Kenya-   Nov 28

Kapsabet, Kenya-    (by truck)     The Hut will be HOME!